Our vision!

Many marriages are breaking down in society today. Our aim is to be early solution providers by creating a forum where Christian singles who understand and share the biblical definition, teachings & values of marriage and are ready to court with the intention to get married can meet to foster a Christ centred relationship and marital union which lasts

Our Goal!

To utilise technological innovation to facilitate marital unions founded upon the knowledge and word of God, and to make additional Bible based resources available to Christian couples to help nature and sustain their marriage.

App Features!

Face detection & Fraud prevention

We protect you from fraudulent profiles by using real-time facial detection and profile image verification technology during user registration to ensure you are chatting with the person whose profile image you see. All users are verified.

Search & Filters

Search by Gender, Age range, Interest and much more within 200 km radium of your location, or get a Diamond plan and search worldwide.

Voice and Video calls

Stay safe, no need to give out your phone number or social media handles, do all within the app

Push notifications & Alerts

Get push notifications of likes, matches, new messages, voice notes, incoming voice & video calls etc.,

Likes & Rewinds

Send Likes to users you’re interested, view those who like you, and Rewind to view previous profiles you may have skipped.

Match & Chat

Simply swipe right or left, match and chat with or send voice notes to other single Christians nearby or around the world.

Photo Uploads

Upload images and showcase God’s glory upon you.

Privacy & Control

You are in control of your communication. Block, Report or Un-match users, or if you have a Diamond plan, you can hide your profile.

Join Our Community & Find Your Helpmate in Christ Jesus!

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